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I’m pretty sure that many of you out there would know what is 918Kiss Online Casino by now. But the thing is, do you all know that there is a special bonus when you register as a member of 918Kiss Casino? Yes, there is! And it is in the form of free credit. You can play at 918Kiss Online Casino with the free credit given to you when you register as a member. Don’t know where to register? It’s easy! Just tell the customer service agent that you want to register as a member and they will surely guide you. Click on the Live Chat button at the bottom right corner of the page and you’ll be able to speak with a customer service agent.

918Kiss Online: How Much Free Credit Will Be Given

This really depends on what promotion you are signing up for. So let’s say for example if you are a new member, the most common promotion would be the 100% Welcome Bonus. Under this promotion, if you deposit RM100, you would get an additional RM100 credited in to your 918Kiss Account. So that’s a total of RM200 to play with at 918Kiss Casino.

Next, would be the Deposit RM70 Get RM110 Bonus. For this promotion, if you deposit RM70, you would receive an additional RM110. That’s an extra of RM40 to play with. So if you are planning to deposit RM70, make sure you go for this bonus as you will get in total RM110. Not to mention, this bonus has no turnover requirements.

Moving forward, I will now talk about the existing member bonuses. Let’s start with the 10% Top Up Bonus On Every Deposit. This is ONLY for existing members. So back to the 10% Top Up Bonus, for every deposit you make, you’ll get an additional 10%. For example, if you deposit RM100, you’ll get an extra RM10 to play with. In total, your credit balance will have RM110. RM10 might seem small to some of you but if you deposit RM1000, you’ll get RM100 extra to play with. Think about it.

Next, under the existing member promotions, is the 20% 7-11 Super Bonus. For this promotion, you’ll get an additional 20% extra based on your deposit if you deposit money during 7 PM to 11 PM. These are a lot of free credit given out so, please don’t miss out on the chance to get these bonuses. What better way to gamble than to use free credit to earn your extra income?

918Kiss Online: Where Should You Use The Free Credit

The best way to use your 918Kiss free credit is in the slot games of 918Kiss Casino. With a small capital, you can always win enormously at slot games because of the free spin bonus rounds. It is often that you hear stories of players that spin for only RM1 and end up getting a total of RM1500 from a few free spin bonus rounds. You may try to do the same as these players who spin for RM1.

But I suggest that you raise your bet per spin just slightly higher because you are, after all, using free credit anyways. My intention here is that you win big if you get in to the free spin bonus round. Why waste the 918Kiss free credit by betting with just RM1 per spin? On an added note, please make sure that you pick a slot game that you are familiar with in 918Kiss Casino.

918Kiss Online: Where Do You Sign Up?

You can actually sign up here just by asking the customer service agent about the details on where to register. Open the Live Chat bar and start chatting with a customer service agent right now. Not to mention, signing up as a member is totally free and you know what’s the best part? You’ll be one step closer to claiming your free credit. Don’t just stay there and do nothing. Sign up right now! Once you have registered and deposited money, you can start choosing the promotion that you want or maybe just ask the customer service agent which of the promotions suit you best. Before I end this post, let me just slot in a small secret to you, currently 918Kiss Great Blue is spewing up a lot of cash!

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