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Are you always thinking about how to win at 918Kiss Online Casino? What are the games with the highest Return To Player (RTP)? Are there any winning strategies or tips that I can use to beat 918Kiss Casino games? Well, you came to the right place. In this post, I will guide you on how to win tremendously on certain games. I was a beginner like you people out there. But now, I have mastered the ways of winning at 918Kiss Casino games.

I will share my knowledge with all of you in this post. My guide is pretty simple but you’ll need to be patient and discipline. Let me just tell you that my guide to winning at 918Kiss Casino games are proven techniques that have been used before by many other players. Most of my friends have also tried the winning techniques and they are so thankful till today. Let’s proceed with the 918Kiss winning techniques.

918Kiss Roulette

Roulette: Sure Win Technique

There are a few ways to play this game in order to win. Let me guide you on the easiest way to win first. Alright, there are 37 columns in roulette and there is only 1 column that the ball will land on. The payout is 36 times your bet. It wouldn’t make sense to bet on all the columns, so, instead of playing by the numbers, why not play on just the colours. In total, there are 3 colours. Red, Black, and Green (0).

Since there is ONLY ONE column for green, it’s best you bet on either red or black. Pick a colour and remain with it for 2 rounds. Bet according to my technique. Let’s say you have picked red, now bet RM500 on red and let it be. If you win, you’ll get back RM1000 and on your next bet, place the RM1000 on the same spot. Next, if you win this round, you will get RM2000. Deduct your initial capital, you will have an extra RM1500.

On the next round, repeat the steps again. After repeating this technique twice, you will have a total win of RM3000 and you only used RM500 as a capital. However, if you lose, you’ll only end up losing RM500. Totally worth it because that’s an investment of RM500 in exchange for RM3000 in such a short period of time. Keep using this technique until you are satisfied. You’ll never go broke or wrong with this technique. Good luck!

918Kiss Baccarat

Baccarat: Placing Precise Bets To Win Extensively

So how much do you actually know about baccarat? There is a hidden trick to win this game. So everyone knows about the standard betting and payout on Player and Banker. What about the Player Pair and Banker Pair? Tie game payout? Alright, let’s get down to business. So the Player Pair and Banker Pair both pays 11 times your bet amount. The Tie game, however, pays 8 times your bet amount. For this game, you’ll need a slightly larger capital to start with but it will benefit you. Ready RM1,000 as your capital.

Now pick Player or Banker to bet on. Let’s say you have chosen Banker, place RM700 on Banker and you will have a balance of RM300. For Player Pair, Banker Pair and Tie game, place RM100 on each spot. Now you will have a total of RM1000 on the table. Once the Banker wins, you’ll get RM700 for your bet on Banker then if there is a Player Pair or Banker Pair, you’ll get an additional RM1100 for each. If you get both Player Pair and Banker Pair, you will receive a total of RM2200.

So if all goes well for you, in total you will get RM2900 inclusive of your bet on Banker. This is just your winnings and the reason I asked you to place a bet on Tie game is just so that you won’t lose so much if the result is a Tie game. Tie game pays out RM800 if you place RM100. So in total, you’ll get back RM900 and your total bet that you placed before that round is RM1000. You are only going to lose RM100 if it’s a Tie game result.

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