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918Kiss Online Casino is currently the most trending online casino in 2018. If you haven’t gotten the 918Kiss App, I highly suggest that you get it right now. You may obtain the 918Kiss download link by asking for it from our customer service agent at the Live Chat bar. Feel free to contact our customer service anytime. Today, I will guide you all on how to profit from one of the 918Kiss live casino game. You will not be able to find a guide or technique like mine anywhere else because this guide is based on my personal experience at the 918Kiss live casino game of Three Card Poker.

918Kiss Live: Three Card Poker Betting Options

The 918Kiss Three Card Poker is basically a 3 card poker game whereby you play against the dealer. All you have to do is get a better hand than the dealer. You may also fold your cards like in the regular poker game if you are unsatisfied with your cards. In the 918Kiss Three Card Poker, there are only 3 seats available. In one seat or as we call it a hand, you can only bet on 3 columns.

The top column is the Pair Plus Bet. the middle column is the Ante and the bottom column is the Bet. For the Pair Plus Bet, this column is optional if you want to place a bet or not. Then there is the Ante, you have to place a bet here in order to see your cards or get the game started. Lastly, there is the Bet column.

For the Bet column, if you don’t like your cards, you may fold and not place a bet on the Bet column. The dealer will then take your Ante bet but if you want to call, you’ll need to place a bet on the Bet column. It works as a call. Meaning to say, if you want to call, just place the same amount of bet on Ante at the Bet column.

918Kiss Live: Three Card Poker Gameplay

You will be dealt with 3 cards instantly depending on where you seat. If you occupy all 3 seats, the dealer will then deal 3 cards each to every seat and lastly to the dealer himself. The dealer will not play if he doesn’t have Q or higher than Q. So, this means that the dealer will automatically fold if the dealer has J or lower than J.

This gives you an advantage because you will never know what the dealer has and most likely the dealer will fold, based on my experience. To win this game, a very good tip here is that you play every hand and NOT fold any of your cards. The chances of the dealer playing are very low so most of the time you’ll be winning if you are calling.

Now, you will be asking, how will you win if you bet every round and there are 3 columns to bet on? If you bet the same amount on all 3 columns, for sure you’ll lose in the long run. But I’m here to guide you to win, so just keep calm.

918Kiss Live: Profit From Three Card Poker

As mentioned above, if you always bet the same amount on all 3 columns, you’ll end up losing. Not to mention, if you fold too often, you’ll be losing too. So how do you win at Three Card Poker? Here’s how you do it. Let’s say you have RM1000 as a capital to play with. For starters, you shouldn’t bet so much on the Pair Plus Bet.

What you should really focus on is the Ante column and Bet column. These 2 bets need to be the same amount for each when you bet on them. So, like I mentioned previously, with the RM1000 capital, all you have to do is place RM400 on the Ante column and RM400 on the Bet column. The total you placed, is already RM800. Now, for the balance of RM200, place it on the Pair Plus Bet.

Then, just wait for the returns. A strong betting tip here is that you should always place at least 2x of your Pair Plus Bet on Ante and Bet columns. As shown in the example I have given you. This way, you’ll for sure make money because the dealer will most likely fold. And if you get lucky, you’ll hit the multiplier bonus in the Pair Plus Bet.

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