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918Kiss Kiosk

The 918Kiss Kiosk is an online site for agents of 918Kiss Online Casino to log in. If you’re a player of 918Kiss Online Casino, you wouldn’t need to use the 918Kiss Kiosk. You can’t play any games on the 918Kiss Kiosk. It’s just for agents to log in and create an account for players or agents can use this site to add credit or top up credit to their player accounts.

Then one may ask, what’s so good about being an agent of 918Kiss Online Casino? The main benefit of being an agent is that you will be able to earn from your players. As long as you have players playing, you will most definitely earn money once they hit that play button. It would be best if you have at least 50 players playing under you if you are an agent of 918Kiss Kiosk.

918Kiss Kiosk: How To Be An Agent

To be an agent of the 918Kiss Kiosk, all you have to do is just speak with our customer service agent by clicking on the Live Chat button at the bottom right corner of this site. You may request for an agent ID and then you can log in to the 918Kiss Kiosk site. It’s as simple as that. However, I’m not too sure about the rates or packages. You may want to ask the customer service agent regarding this matter. Additionally, the official link for the 918Kiss Kiosk is http://kiosk.918kiss.com/. Just key this in your URL and click on search. The page will redirect you to the 918Kiss Kiosk official site.

918Kiss Kiosk: How Can I Earn

The key to earning here is based on your social contacts. The more friends you have that are playing at 918Kiss Online Casino, the chances are, the more you’ll earn. Let’s say you have a friend who is currently playing at 918Kiss Online Casino. Now, you recruit that friend of yours to play under you. This means that you will create an account for your friend to play with at 918Kiss Kiosk. Then, you will be able to set the position taking for that account. By doing so, you will be able to fight against him.

This would mean that if your friend wins money, you’ll lose and if he loses money, you’ll earn. For example, your friend deposits RM1000 to you so that you can create a player ID for him with the credit amount of RM1000. After playing, he lost all of his credit balance. If you set your position taking to 50%, you’ll earn RM500 and the remaining RM500, you’ll need to pay the 918Kiss Online Casino Company. But if he wins RM1000 and you set the position taking to 50%, you’ll need to fork out RM500 to pay him and the remaining RM500 will be paid by the 918Kiss Online Casino Company.

Most players who play at 918Kiss Online Casino without a winning strategy would most likely lose to the casino. Now, just try to imagine 10 players playing under you and all of them DO NOT have a winning strategy. And you have set the position taking to 50% for all of the player accounts. If all of them deposit RM1000 to you to play with, you’ll earn RM5,000 easily.

918Kiss Kiosk: Beginner’s Advice

For those of you out there who are interested in being an agent of 918Kiss Online Casino, you might not want to fight with such a high percentage at first. You can try to fight at 10% or 20% for your first 10 players. Based on the same scenario, each player deposits RM1000 and you fight for only 10%, with 10 players, you’ll earn RM1000 just like that. If your players lose to you every week and they play constantly for a month, you’ll earn about RM4000 in a month.

My advice to you is simple. Just don’t be too greedy at first. You’ll earn later on anyways. Try to gather as many players as you can for now so that you can manage your position-takings for each player. In addition, try not to create an account for yourself to play if you don’t have a solid winning strategy. After all, it would be a waste to see all your earnings going back to 918Kiss Online Casino.

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