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918Kiss Casino

918Kiss Casino

Do you have the most trending and hottest online casino app of 2018 on your mobile phone? I’m pretty sure that the answer will be no. So, download the all-new 918Kiss Casino app right now! You can get the latest 918Kiss App download link from the Live Chat team. You can get the 918Kiss download guide online. Just search in Google and you will be able to get the guide but make sure you download the 918Kiss App from the link given by the Live Chat team because the link given is the official 918Kiss download link. I shall proceed to the 918Kiss Casino winning tips. The 918Kiss Login steps will also be provided by the Live Chat team.

918Kiss Blackjack

918Kiss Casino: Blackjack Winning Tip

Blackjack is a simple game. Just get 21 and win. If not, get as close to 21 and win. If all else fails, just surrender. So ultimately, the game is to beat the dealer’s hand. The dealer will stop drawing cards if the dealer’s card has reached 17. So what you need to do is just keep drawing until your cards are bigger than his showing card.

For example, at the start of the game, you will be given 2 cards and the dealer will also have 2 cards. One of the dealer’s card will be facing upwards. So let’s say that the dealer is showing 3, just draw until your cards are bigger than 13 in total and you’ll be fine.

If you’re still losing a few rounds by using this technique, try opening another hand. Meaning to say, if you are the only hand playing against the dealer and you’re losing most of the time, you’ll need to open another hand. So this means that you have 2 hands against the dealer.

This will increase your winning odds because your goal here is to make sure the dealer doesn’t have nice cards. By opening another hand, you’re some sort of taking the dealer’s cards. Try this for a few rounds and if you are still losing to the dealer, try opening another hand, in total you should have 3 hands playing against the dealer.

918Kiss Three Card Poker

918Kiss Casino: Three Card Poker Tip

There are 3 places to bet on. It would be Pair Plus Bet, Ante, and Bet. To start the game, you may place a bet on Pair Plus Bet then move on to the Ante. The Ante and Bet must be the same amount. Therefore, make sure that you have sufficient credit balance before placing a bet on Ante. Now, to call the game, you’ll need to place a bet on Bet itself.

After calling, the dealer will reveal the cards and you will know whether you have won that round or not. My suggestion here is that you place a small amount on Pair Plus Bet and then place the maximum bet on Ante and Bet. A good tip here is that you should NEVER fold your hand because the dealer will only call with Q or higher cards. So no matter what, you will win most of the time.

Now let’s say that you are planning to bet the maximum on Ante, you should probably place at least RM200 on Pair Plus Bet. This is to ensure that you will get paid if you hit any of the bonuses. Then, for Ante, place the maximum bet amount of RM1000. Same goes for the Bet, place RM1000 to call it. Why should you do this?

You’ll only lose RM200 to the pair plus bonus if you didn’t get anything but the chances of winning are much higher for Ante and Bet. This means that you’ll most likely win RM1000 each for Ante and Bet and you’ll only lose RM200. This is a progressive winning betting technique. You will win RM1800 for every round. Just after 5 rounds, you’ll make RM9000. This is not even inclusive of your pair plus bonus if you hit any.

918Kiss Casino


Now that I have provided you with the 918Kiss Casino winning tips for Blackjack and Three Card Poker, I highly recommend that you try them out and make some extra cash today. Don’t forget to thank me in the comments section below once you have tried these winning tips for both the games that I have mentioned.

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